Innovative solutions for managing and flowing information in a digitized society

The OpenText platform offers comprehensive solutions for managing data, information and documents in companies, their digitization, storage, archiving, circulation, sorting and searching and possibly targeted distribution and communication with business partners.

Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)

Optimizes and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, distributing and tracking invoices and related documentation. Allows all parties involved in any invoice process to quickly and efficiently access all billing information, payment status and all other relevant data and information.


Communications Center Enterprise

A platform for company-wide design, implementation and multi-channel distribution of documents and correspondence.


OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions

A platform that includes intelligent storage and tools for working with objects. These components enable the implementation of complex enterprise information systems, connecting diverse applications and working with their data.


Digital Archive

For medium- and long-term preservation of archival material. Ensures consistency, trustworthiness and accessibility to archival materials in digital form. Readability is ensured by conversion to formats suitable for long-term preservation with regular checks on the consistency of the content.


Enterprise Services Ready


Together, we will help you create an organization ready for further development using
modern scalable technologies and processes supporting homeworking, dynamic
communication and a flexible communication environment.

We will be delighted to introduce you without no-obligation to our OpenText services and products.



We analyze your existing processes, systems and their interconnection. A detailed analysis will allow you to know your products and processes. We can significantly improve your chances of optimizing them and quickly implementing small, large or complex improveme.


We will propose the optimal solution with regard to existing processes and directives, both internal and relevant legislation.)


We ensure a smooth implementation of new systems and processes using project methods from the beginning of installation to commissioning.


Our service team and helpdesk are fully available to you when dealing with any situations, whether it is changes and modifications to existing systems or solutions to critical situations.




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We offer services from many years of experience of a stable consulting team, while the quality of our services is based on the professional approach of a team of specialists for particular fields.

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